'Meglio distanzi
da me
a 3 passi dall'odio
socchiudo appena
tra le labbra...'

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
tratto da " A 3 passi "

'È Sottosopra
che mi fugge via il tempo
cosicché io possa
nei miei sogni
raggiungerti meglio...'

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
tratto da "È Sottosopra
che mi fugge via il tempo"

Kent Robert Williams (born 1962) is an American painter and graphic novel artist. Williams was born in New Bern, North Carolina. He attended Pratt Institute in New York City and graduated in 1984. Williams, a consummate draftsman and painter, has realized his work through various other artistic channels as well; that of the illustrated word and the graphic novel, printmaking, photography, design, architecture, and film

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