✿ Arturo SAMANIEGO ✿

'I miei bagnati silenzi
mi discolpano appena
troppo pendente il lembo che mi sostiene...
Ci vorrebbe un grido oceanico del mare
per assolvere la mia anima singhiozzante...'

~ Catherine La Rose©2008 ~
tratto da "Il commosso coraggio del mare"

'Mi vien voglia di lasciarlo sfumare
adagiarlo sul bordo dell'acqua
fluttuare i miei soffocati battiti con esso
e vederlo svanire alla deriva
tra le pieghe sconfitte dell'orizzonte...
E' come se dal grembo cullare
mandassi le mie radici a farsi benedire...'

~ Catherine La Rose©2008 ~
tratto da "Il commosso coraggio del mare"

Born in Mexico, 1962.Contemporary Figurative
My latest series, "Emergence", prents the figure imersed in the ocean, as a metaphor for life surrounding us, with all its beauty and unpredictability, an element that can be at the same time nourishing and treacherous, rewarding or deadly.
Arturo Samaniego is a painter and living in Naples, Florida. He is also the owner of Samaniego Art.
Samaniego describes his style as a blend of realism, minimalist cool and contemporary edge. Samaniego combines the beauty of the human form with the emotion-evoking quality of gesture. The figure is executed in the classical, old master style, while the environment is abstract and nebulous, representing the emotional and internal.
Samaniego began to explore the use of experimental materials to create symbolic content for both his abstract and figurative work. For example, in Rusting Dream, he infused metallic pigments sprayed with acid into the abstract background that envelopes his supine nude. The rust contrasts with both the smooth surface of the oil and the smoothness of the skin, and it’s a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of physical beauty, which inevitably fades.

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